I am a passionate yogi and sports enthusiast who loves sharing my yoga knowledge with fellow movement-freaks, weekend warriors and the more sedentary.

Yoga is a system of movement that allows you to connect with and be curious about your physical body. It incorporates mindful movement and awareness of breath which activates the parasympathetic nervous system and floods you will those delicious, calming, grounded feelings that reduce stress and promote better sleep.

Through regular practice this system of movement will increase your flexibility, strength and range of motion; helps you heal from and reduce the potential for injury; increases your breath capacity; promotes better sleep; reduces stress; facilitates a greater mind-body connection; and helps keep your muscles and joints in good health.

Yoga is about putting the power of your own mind and body into your own hands. It provides a space for you to tune in to yourself, and let go – of attachment to outcomes, of criticism and of limiting self-beliefs.

Our potential to heal ourselves through food, thoughts, breath and movement is far beyond our system of belief. Yoga allows us to explore the ways in which physical movement and breath affects our mental well-being.

I’ve been practising since 2010 and teaching since 2013. I am currently in my second year of a BSc Sport and Exercise Nutrition degree at Hartpury University in the UK.

I invite people of all ages and physical capabilities to come and practice with me.


200HR Ashtanga Primary Series

Jim Harrington

Cape Town, South Africa 2012


300HR Ashtanga Intermediate Series

Tattvaa Yogashala

Rishikesh, India 2016


100HR Ashtanga Intermediate Series

David Swenson

London, UK 2017


5 Day Kino McGregor Workshop

London, UK 2018


80HR Sports Yoga

Sarah Ramsden

The Body Athletic London, UK 2019